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About Us

Foundation of Hisham ileum to chandeliers and furniture industry
This institution was founded in 1976 GS is in the city of Homs in Syria
Is one of the largest companies in the world of furniture and carpet in the Syrian Arab Republic. Displays many of the most exquisite furniture upholstery, furniture, chandeliers, which features elegance and quality of manufacture and Oqmstha luxury.
What distinguishes the most important is the presence of adequate staff and expertise of skilled craftsmen and interior architects and the management team and business monitors.
We rely finest fabrics in terms of quality and beauty, and therefore our organization is responsible for what is produced to the greatest period of time.
We have maintained some of our products at one of our customers after twenty years from the date of purchase it.
Therefore, the quality and warranty of our products are from one of the most important reasons for our success.
We also store the finest types of wood in large quantities for a long time until it is imbued with the drought and hardness and toughness. Then it sequentially Iwkhadd order to ensure that does not count any prohibited and technical protection of our products along Alrmen.
We have the ability to deliver our products to all over the world accurately and in a timely manner.
Syrian Arab Republic - Homs - Street Municipal Stadium - against the Hotel Mimas 
H1 ATV: 31 481 110 00 963

H 2 ATV: 31 230 455 00 963

Mobile: 236013/094 - 709812/094
Fax: 474 924 31 00 963
PO Box No. : 506
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